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Integration Design

Sofon is already valuable as a standalone solution for making your commercial operation smarter. But you will achieve significantly more value when you integrate Sofon with your other systems. You will then eliminate time-consuming, error-prone and disruptive manual work between processes.

Embedding Sofon improves quality and speed throughout the chain of marketing & sales, purchasing, service, production and delivery. It makes your operational process repeatable, giving you a significant edge over your competitors.

Problem-free connection

Sofon can be easily integrated with any package, from any supplier. We have extensive experience with such connections, because most of our customers work with an ERP system and often also with PDM, CAD, CRM packages and CNC machines.


When implementing Sofon, you will have total access to one of our consultants. See also: Implementation Consulting.

Working method: start with an architecture plan

Integrating Sofon in your IT structure starts with an architecture plan. Our solution architect draws up this plan in consultation with your IT specialists. These may be people from your own IT department or an external party.

The architecture plan shows, in text and images, just what your ‘IT landscape’ will look like once Sofon has been embedded. It includes an overview of all your systems, the entire structure of servers, the packages on the servers, the location of the master data and the intermediate connectors.

Even if you choose Sofon as a standalone solution, our solution architect will draw up an architecture plan for you showing the entire IT structure relating to Sofon.

Working method: building, teaching, testing

Once the plan has been approved, Sofon is connected to your other systems. Alongside your contact individual(s), we record the technical set-up on paper: what data must be exchanged and which fields must be linked? We then work this out technically.
We first build the new situation in a test environment. Ideally we do this on-site at your location, but it can also be done in our offices. Your employees won’t notice a thing; they can simply continue working.

In the meantime, our consultant trains employees such as your model builder, project leader and/or others who will be functionally involved in working with Sofon and building a knowledge model.
We operate according to the train-the-trainer principle: these employees will then train their fellow employees (the end users). If desired, we can support or supervise these training sessions.

After building in the test environment, we convert the new situation into an acceptance environment. End users selected by you will extensively test the new possibilities and the new routing with Sofon.
Once everything is working, you will go live with Sofon and your employees will work in the new situation.

Our consultant continues to be available to you after going live. He/she will remain involved until Sofon works as you want it and the previously formulated objectives have been achieved.

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