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Integration Design

integrationVirtually all Sofon users have linked Sofon to other systems within their organization. A link to an ERP or other back-office system is particularly common, as Sofon is able to transfer the data relating to complete orders to the ERP system without manual intervention. It is also frequently linked to CRM, PDM and CAD systems as well as to CNC machines for controlling custom production.


A number of Connectors have been developed for these integrations to allow links to be established easily. If the Connector does not offer the required functionality, a customized link can be established.

ERP Connectors

ERP Connectors have been developed for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and AX, QAD MFG/Pro, Infor/Baan, IFS and SAP amongst others). SAP certified the Connector for SAP ERP.

CRM Connectors

CRM Connectors have been developed for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Siebel, update.CRM, SugarCRM and Salesforce.com (among others). Salesforce certified the Connector.

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