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Implementation consulting

At the start of the Sofon implementation process, we create a steering group made up of both your and our officials who will assume final responsibility. On our side, the delivery manager is always represented. He/she is responsible in Sofon for deploying and supervising the consultants and for customer service.

Consultant available

During the implementation process, you have access to a Sofon consultant. On our side, this is the project leader who is also a member of the steering group. Working with your project leader, he/she supervises the entire implementation process. This involves monitoring the planning, ensuring timely information provision, drawing up the specifications for integrating Sofon with other ICT systems, supervising and training your model builders and generating reports. Our project leader will continue to be available to you until Sofon works as you want it and the previously formulated objectives have been achieved.

To monitor the progress, we will also ensure that a second consultant is familiar with your process, as a backstop. Given that all our consultants use a similar working method, this ‘second’ consultant will use the same project approach.

Project approach

We have extensive experience in implementing Sofon. On this basis, we have developed Sofon Ready to Go, a uniform project approach for the fast, problem-free and structured introduction of Sofon.

With Sofon Ready to Go, we map out the entire implementation in one day: project scope, project objectives, project organization and project planning, including the resources (who is involved) and the deliverables (what do we deliver and when). We bring all this together in a project plan as a guideline for executing the project. However, we can also adopt your own project approach if you prefer. We will then utilize Sofon Ready to Go as a reference for completeness and quality.

Transparency and effectiveness

A successful project approach depends on transparency and effectiveness. You can expect this from us. We communicate proactively and stay on top of things.

We translate the project objectives into weekly work packages and objectives to be achieved each day, so that the steps in the project and the progress are clear at all times. This also enables us to switch rapidly if circumstances cause anything to misfire and to minimize any subsequent disruption.

This also means that we can identify any potential risks in good time. An example of a risk might be expanding the project scope. Issues are then encountered that are actually outside what was envisaged for the project. If the expansion appears desirable, we will capitalize on this flexibly. In such cases, however, it is important to modify the relevant agreements. An effective approach then remains intact and there is no threat to the project’s advancement.

Knowledge models

The essence of the Sofon solution is that, as a customer, you record your knowledge in knowledge models. These models can be adapted to the ‘look and feel’ appropriate to your company, so that working with them appears familiar. Our consultant will train your functional employees in the use of Sofon and in building, modifying and augmenting the knowledge models. Your employees will then be able to work independently with the knowledge models and maintain them whenever changes occur in your organization. In this way, we guarantee a durable solution and you are independent of Sofon.

If you cannot or do not want to release any of your own employees for the implementation, we can perform this functional management for you. We will reach agreements about this in advance in such cases.

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