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Implementation consulting


The implementation of the Sofon solution is carried out by our own consultants, who have gained extensive experience with the Sofon products in various implementation projects.
These consultants remain involved until the Sofon software is used by our customers, functions as desired and the predefined goals are actually realized.


In some cases there may also be a need for integrations with other systems. For these tasks Sofon has his own software development department. The Sofon consultants will specify these integrations, which will then be programmed by our development department.


Sofon Ready to go logoTo be able to implement the Sofon software quickly and without problems, Sofon has combined the experience in this area in a special approach: Sofon Ready to Go. Based on this predefined project approach, a complete implementation project, including project scope, project objectives, project organization, employees involved and project planning can be outlined in one day. These themes are combined in a project plan that – after approval – serves as a reference for the actual implementation of the project. If requested, we can also use our customer’s project approach, in which Ready to Go serves as a reference for completeness and quality.

Handover to the customer

The Sofon solutions contain a lot of knowledge about products, rules, specific work methods and so on. This knowledge is not static but is constantly subject to change. Many of these changes need to be implemented in the organization quickly. Sofon, therefore, believes that Sofon customers must be able to establish and control these changes themselves. This is the only way to keep the knowledge in the Sofon solution up to date and to spread it within the organization without delay. It is, therefore, necessary to involve the employees of our customers in the transfer of this knowledge into Sofon models during the implementation of the solution. As soon as the system is operational these employees can continue to create and maintain models without depending on Sofon consultants.

Knowledge models

As mentioned before, a big part of the Sofon solution resides in models which can be maintained by our customers themselves. The Sofon Software used to create the models requires specific business knowledge and skills. Once the models have been built, the end user is provided with a very user-friendly application, which can be styled according to the needs of our customers. Our consultants guide your employees so they will be able to autonomously carry out the necessary modifications to the models. In this way the usefulness and sustainability of the application is guaranteed, even during changing circumstances and/or new product developments. As a result of the fact that your own employees can maintain the solution, you are independent of Sofon resources.
Only when you do not want or cannot engage your own employees, we can, under special conditions, take over the functional management, assuming that your employees provide us with their knowledge, in order for us to optimally build and/or change the models.