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Change consulting

You are deploying Sofon because you want to resolve problems in your sales or follow-up processes. However, Sofon is not a tool or software that eliminates the odd bottleneck. It’s much more than that. Sofon is a solution that enables you to work much more smartly in your commercial operation and to make processes repeatable.

So integrating Sofon always goes hand in hand with redefining processes and changes in the working methods. And it’s a familiar truth: change almost always engenders resistance among staff. After all, they have to forsake their familiar ways and have yet to experience the benefits of the new situation.

Experience with Sofon and change management

At Sofon we are very experienced in change management and in creating support, understanding and commitment for the innovation. If you wish, your Sofon consultant can support and supervise you in redefining processes and guiding the changes. The advantage is that he or she combines his/her expertise in change management with an overall knowledge of the Sofon solution.

But you are naturally free to engage any other external consultant to supervise the changes. The choice is yours.

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