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WTH is the market leader in floor and wall systems for heating and cooling, for both new construction and renovation. WTH operates in a turbulent market. Accurate and competitive quoting increases the likelihood of an order compared to other players. However, generating accurate quotes turned out to be a major challenge in the complex world in which they do business. Thankfully, Sofon offers WTH a helping hand in realizing better quotations and a stronger market position.


  • Better advice and better price for customers
  • Handling more work with fewer people
  • Budget quotations are in the past
  • Error percentage down in calculations, quotations and orders
  • Speed and uniformity in the quotation process improved
  • Full, complex product pallet stored in Sofon
  • New staff productive almost immediately
  • Knowledge anchored in organization
  • Sofon used for 100% of quotations
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