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If you think of the words ‘software implementation’, you may think of long cycle times, high costs and customization. That might be true for traditional software implementations, but not for an evolutionary implementation approach like Sofon Ready to Go. Sofon knows how to keep up the pace of implementations. This time we will introduce you to the company Voortman. Voortman develops, constructs, installs and maintains CNC driven processing machines for the steel processing industry and steel trade.


  • One complete sales support system: from CRM to quotation generation
  • Timely implementation:
    - Few consultancy hours necessary (twelve days, over three months)
    - Appreciation for role Sofon: critical and structured
    - No dependence on Sofon consultant
  • Years of customer history; visible at a glance
  • Link to and synchronization of e-marketing package
  • Installed base can be managed
  • Management reports are available
  • Opportunities can be managed
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