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Nedschroef Helmond has been active as a producer of fasteners for more than 100 years. Starting out, they manufactured rivets for shipbuilders, but Nedschroef’s operations have since become much more extensive. These days, the automotive industry and their suppliers are their biggest customers. Nedschroef has experienced a big improvement in their processes thanks to Sofon Guided Selling Software: in the past, quotations were the responsibility of the Calculation department. Now, with Sofon’s standard software, sales executives are increasingly handling the quotation process themselves. Calculation specialists are less burdened and the cycle time for the average quotation has decreased dramatically.


  • Quotations can now be made by sales staff instead of by the Calculation department
  • Calculation department now supports a smaller number of quotations
  • Quotation requests are 100% reviewed and approved
  • Quotation requests can be answered on the day they are received
  • Through put for quotations has improved greatly
  • Customer needs can be translated into the right product
  • Product information is in the system and can be easily looked up
  • More time for product development and process improvement
  • Sales department can now offer customers complete and clear quotations
  • Sales process has become less complex
  • Fewer systems needed
  • Nedschroef is happy with the way Sofon was implemented.
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