Transport Pricing Management

Software for carriers who want to get a better grip on their rates.

Sofon Transport Pricing Management (TPMS)

Does it take too much time to calculate the right price with the right price list with all possible options? Do incorrect calculations slip through the checks just a little too often? Does it take too much time to process indexations of all price lists? Do you regularly miss the overview of tariff- and contract agreements, price lists and the like? With our Transport Pricing Management (TPMS) software, this belongs to the past.

How does Sofon TPMS work?

Forget complex Excel formulas, but calculate the price for new transport quickly (error-free) and automatically with the correct price data. Register the required data in the Transport Pricing Model and let the system do the calculation work for you when making an error-free quotation. In addition, you can email the quotation to your contact person with one mouse click or convert it into a price list. Price agreements are recorded centrally with Sofon TPMS.

Sofon TPMS takes specific wishes into account

Tariff agreements, captured in price lists (framework agreements), generally include the following elements: weights, volume, unit of time, journey, number of kilometers, graduations, surcharges etc. In the price lists made with Sofon TPMS these elements are included, if desired. In addition, specific allowances for special deliveries, toll roads or additional handling costs can also be considered.

Don't leave money with subcontractors

Do you work with subcontractors for the execution of transport orders? In that case tariff agreements (price lists) can be captured in the Transport Pricing Model for a transparent administration. As soon as you assign a transport order to a subcontractor in the TPM system, you immediately see the corresponding price list with tariff agreements, as well as the margin achieved on the relevant order. You can then easily check the subcontractor's invoice by consulting the system.

With our TPMS software:

  • will you be able to prevent your margins from falling. Due to a lack of overview of your prices, margins can quickly come under pressure or even fall. With our TPMS software this is a thing of the past..
  • can record price agreements centrally. You capture the most complicated tariff agreements per customer in a single point of truth. You are no longer dependent on a complex Excel file or knowledge in the minds of one or more people.
  • it will be possible to update your price lists quickly and easily. Index, calculate allowances, all at the same time or individually, total or per zone or otherwise. A log keeps track of who made which changes and when.
  • you can calculate price lists more quickly. Calculate using composite models that always use the correct price list. With the push of a button you can calculate the price for a new transport. With the same ease you can mail the quote in your house style to your contact person or convert it into a transport order.
  • errors in price lists can be prevented. Errors, which you cannot afford, in a market where the rates are fixed at the cutting edge.
  • there will be more time left for acquisition. Accelerated administrative processing creates time for acquisition and / or saves costs.

Success Stories with the Proposal Organizer

e van wijk
March 21, 2020

E. van Wijk Logistics is een internationaal logistiek dienstverlener met vestigingen in Nederland (Giessen), Roemenië, Moldavië en Oekraïne. E. van Wijk Logistics biedt met 285 vrachtwagens een passend antwoord op iedere vervoersvraag. Ook voor warehousing en andere aanvullende diensten is E. van Wijk Logistics een betrouwbare partner

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