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Sofon Sales Configurator

Sofon Sales Configurator is an application for the configuration of customer specific products and services, calculation of sales prices, margins and cost, production of functional and technical product descriptions, configuration of three dimensional visualizations (when applicable) and producing multi-level bills of material and routings.

Combination with ERP and CRM

Sofon Sales Configurator includes a powerful and fast configurator engine that can be used for the most complex configurations and calculations of any product or service. Sofon Sales Configurator is used in combination with an ERP or CRM system. At quotation line or order line level, Sofon Sales Configurator can be called on to configure products or services. The result is immediately delivered back into ERP or CRM.

Functional description

A functional description of every configured product with prices and illustrations is made and automatically produced in Microsoft Word and/or XML. Earlier configurations can be saved and reused or adjusted if necessary. Adjusted configurations are automatically verified according to the latest product and price information thus avoiding costly errors by using outdated product or price information.

Models developed in Sofon Studio

Configuration and calculation takes place by simply answering questions. The questionnaire behaves fully dynamically, which means that only relevant questions are asked and only possible answers are available. Based on the answers given, all required output is composed immediately in the background. This means that all information needed is available as soon as the last question is answered. Sofon Sales Configurator makes use of models developed by you in Sofon Studio. A model is presented to the Sofon Sales Configurator end-user in the form of a questionnaire. Sofon Studio offers the possibility to develop both very simple models as well as functionally extremely rich models. In this way the model developed determines the behaviour of Sofon Sales Configurator.