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Sofon Concept Designer

If you sell complex solutions, then a product configurator is often an inadequate solution. Devising a solution comes before the product configuration. Concept Designer offers the ability to draw a conceptual sketch of the solution and then to configure and offer the solution parts.

Visualising complex solutions

Preparing a conceptual sketch is often the most useful method to be able to devise or describe a complex solution. Concept Designer offers sales reps the ability to make this sketch in combination with the configuration and quotation. Concept Designer offers a library of objects and connectors. Using the objects and connectors, the sales rep can draw a solution and Concept Designer will check whether the drawn draft can actually function. Each of the selected objects can then be configured, calculated, and offered collectively using Proposal Organizer.

Advantages Concept Designer

  • Graphic design of a customer specific concept
  • Can be operated by sales personnel
  • No CAD system required
  • Compose solutions with graphic cohesion between products
  • Graphically check relationships between products
  • Concept can consist of multiple related levels
  • Configure products from the conceptual design
  • Include graphic representations in quotation or order