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Thursday, 19 September 2013 12:25
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WTH anticipates changing market better with Sofon

Accurate and competitive quoting increases the likelihood of an Order
WTH is the market leader in floor and wall systems for heating and cooling, for both new construction and renovation. WTH operates in a turbulent market. Accurate and competitive quoting increases the likelihood of an order compared to other players. However, generating accurate quotes turned out to be a major challenge in the complex world in which they do business. Sofon software offers WTH a helping hand in achieving a stronger market position. During the past few years, the market for WTH has changed dramatically. Rob Heuperman (Managing Director) explains: “We still receive many requests for quotations – perhaps more than we previously did – but scoring rates have gone down. Customers ask suppliers for quotations more frequently. So it is critical to come up with a solid, error-free, and uniformed quotation – as fast as we can.”

Despite the downturn in the market and reorganization, WTH decided to invest in their sales and quotation process. Heuperman continues: “Investing in these kinds of market circumstances is in our genes. We not only wanted to adjust our organization to the market, but we also wanted to take quality to a higher level. If the error percentage in quotations and orders goes down, money will be made. In this way, there is an immediate return on investment.”

WTH was initially skeptical about the Sofon value proposition. Jan Kreiter (Team Leader Calculation) explains: “I was convinced that our product pallet was too complex for a system like Sofon but the opposite was true; all product and business knowledge has been stored. We have made enormous progress in terms of our error percentage, speed and uniformity in the sales process. We have also shortened the training period for new sales staff dramatically. Sofon presents you with the right questions, an explanation to go with them, and all possible answers; the system actually educates our users while generating a calculation or quotation.” Heuperman concludes: “A new staff member is therefore productive immediately. That makes a huge difference! We handle more work (3,250 unique quotations a year) with fewer people while we give better advice to our customers.”
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