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Wednesday, 16 January 2019 12:22
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The path to error-free quotations

Software structured quotation processes for international markets

Businesses cannot operate without quotations! Besides product quality and brand visibility on location, a good quotation paves the way to sales success. First and foremost, a quotation should be correct and complete. A long wait also increases the customer’s reluctance to buy - a challenge for packaging machine manufacturers and suppliers of individual packaging. This is because they produce products that are often tailored to individual customer needs or requirements. Much of this production is destined for the export market. In the long term, pure selling skills are not sufficient to market the complex products of this industry worldwide. Technical knowledge of product variants and specifications must be available at any time and any place. The solution is provided by software that guides sales agents and customers through the specification process.

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Published on 07.01.2019 in the german trade magazine "neue verpackung"
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