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Tuesday, 28 July 2015 06:00
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Sofon supports complex process at LDM

Software company Sofon from Son has signed a contract with Lips Drunen Metaalbedrijf (LDM), a manufacturer of copper alloy rod and billets. LDM customers are mainly found in the automotive and aerospace industries, the defense and construction sectors, the premium bathroom fittings and fixtures industry and the maritime sector. LDM supplies more than 30 countries around the world and is a major supplier from Bons & Evers, a Sofon customer since 2001.
LDM will use Sofon for the customer request-to-order calculation process, which is integrated with MS Dynamics AX. According to Manon Velde-Katgert, Finance, HR & ICT manager, this collaboration means that the sales support software from Sofon will be integrated into the LDM process and production systems. ‘We wanted to install an additional production line in the near future and therefore needed to adjust our configurator. This was no longer possible with the current software. However, it was with software from Sofon.’
LDM was looking for a module it could use to easily and quickly compile complete and error-free proposals, orders and contracts. ‘New software was required for the implementation of a new MS Dynamics AX ERP package, carried out by our partner Pulse,’ said Ms. Velde. ‘Since, at the holding company level (LDM is part of the Bons & Evers Group), we had already worked with Sofon for a long time, the choice was made quickly. After all, we are very pleased with the products and service from this supplier. Hence the existing MFG/Pro ERP system and the Procon configurator will be replaced by AX, in combination with Sofon Proposal Organizer.’


This module especially supports the needs analysis, product selection, product configuration and bill of materials and routing generation within LDM. Sofon Proposal Organizer also contributes to the proper completion of the proposal process. ‘The standard software from Sofon offers us clear added value,’ explained Ms. Velde. ‘The link with the new ERP system is excellent and we expect to be able to use it to properly control the process parameters for our machines. We are currently busy with the implementation, but the experiences with the Sofon software have been good.’
According to Ms. Velde, the basic equipment is now being set up, after which LDM will go live at the end of this year with the Sofon-MS Dynamics AX combination. ‘We provide products that are customized and, where technically possible, adapted to fit the customer’s needs. When creating a proposal, our sales staff can fill in an extensive questionnaire in the Sofon package, whereby the customer’s requirements are automatically translated into what we can provide. We are dealing with around 450 different product characteristics, so just entering and linking this data to the customer properties is already a significant challenge for our model builders.’
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