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Tuesday, 10 May 2016 06:00
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Sofon reinforces position in ‘interesting German market’

maximaAn economic mission led by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs recently took place in Southern Germany. The Royal couple accompanied the Dutch delegation. Sofon was one of the participants. Johan Wolthuis, Group Director of Sales & Marketing, described the visit as ‘particularly successful’. Together with Michael Rohn (senior sales executive at Sofon Germany), he visited the companies Bosch, Infineon and Schaeffler, and others.
The Germans appeared not only to be very charmed by Her Majesty Queen Máxima, but also by the opportunities and solutions Sofon can offer to the business community. Or, as Alexander Fackelmann, honorary consul for the Neurenberg region put it, “German companies are really good at mechanical engineering and hardware, yet for software they still have to rely on The Netherlands.” This conclusion was music to the ears of Wolthuis. “We at Sofon specialise in providing solutions for improving these processes, in which tenders, contracts and orders with their fixed conditions play a central role.”

johanAnd, according to reactions, this proved to be appealing to the German market. “Production is perfectly in order, but the automatic sales process must still be further developed,” noted Wolthuis, who also sees opportunities for achieving global significance for businesses operating on a worldwide scale. “Furthermore, our software has a generic form, so that it can be used for realizing the most diverse solutions without having to be custom-made. These solutions vary from tender generation to contract management. Major international companies have far-reaching interest in our products and solutions. We are actually in the finishing stage with one right now.


gruppeThe Dutch party exchanged ideas with the German members of the trade mission during the event. The discussion topics included trade promotion, mutual investment and technological collaboration. The aim of the working visit was after all to strengthen the broad interconnected relationships between the Netherlands and Bavaria. Germany is the Netherlands’ most important trade partner in terms of both export and import, with the annual trade volume between the two countries ranking as one of the world’s largest.
One fifth of total Dutch exports and a quarter of exported agricultural products go to Germany. The Netherlands is also the largest investor in Germany. And the future looks most promising. With its knowledge-intensive industries, enormous innovative power and strong R&D landscape, the future of Germany as the economic motor of Europe distinctly lies in Southern Germany.


Topics of the economic mission were: Cyber security in mechanical engineering, Electrical charging and driving, High-tech suppliers in healthcare, Collaboration with German shippers in transport and logistics, and Technological innovation in the agricultural and food sectors. German industry needs reliable partners and innovative solutions for issues such as secure communication. It is particularly in Bavaria that opportunities are offered for Dutch businesses (read: Sofon), because a great many manufacturing and IT companies are established there. Wolthuis: “It’s not without reason that we are urgently seeking qualified business consultants and solution architects in Germany.”
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