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Tuesday, 22 August 2017 14:09
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Carthago goes live with dealer portal


Aulendorf, Germany – A few weeks ago, the solution jointly developed with standard software developer Sofon, went live. The dealer portal offers Carthago dealers the option to independently configure mobile homes for end customers and also to use the specialist knowledge of Carthago regarding the possible equipment variants.

Once the order has been signed, the dealer can then place the order directly into the system. Thanks to the strong integration of the dealer portal in the Carthago ERP system, the orders can be forwarded to the ERP and, in that way, to production in just a few seconds. The report from the ERP system to the dealer portal takes place automatically. As soon as the ERP order is created and the ERP order number and the production period are known, a report is sent to the dealer portal. In that way the dealer is provided with all of the required information.

With the Sofon dealer portal, Carthago can support the entire process chain comprehensively, from the customer, to the dealer and through to the production order at the plant. Moreover, Carthago can also import future contents such as new mobile homes or price lists itself, independently from Sofon. This saves time and costs and enables the orders to be produced quickly and error-free, because close communication with the dealer and therefore the end customer is guaranteed.  This close communication is even maintained throughout the production process. Depending on the status and progress of the production order, guided by means of the portal, dealers can make changes to the configuration, which are then forwarded directly back to the ERP.

About Carthago

Carthago Reisemobilbau was established by Karl-Heinz Schuler in 1979. Today, the owner-managed company employs approximately 1,100 people and is one of the leading premium manufacturers in Europe. It is no coincidence that the brand slogan is “Carthago – The Mobile Home”. 

In 2013, the company moved into Carthago-City in Upper Swabia’s Aulendorf, where it started Europe’s most modern caravan production. With the Malibu subsidiary brand, Carthago is returning to its roots, i.e. campers.

About Sofon

Sofon offers software-based solutions for companies with customer-specific products and services. With Sofon solutions, customers support their specific sales process. The aim of the solutions is to improve processes in which offers, agreements, orders and conditions set out in them play a key part. As Sofon is generically designed, it can be used for a large variety of solutions without adjustment. From drawing up quotations through to agreement management. Sofon thereby supports both the sales process and all pre- and post-processes.

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