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Service Industry

Long-term business relations with loyal and satisfied customers are the success factors for one of today’s most important economic components: business services. Risk minimization, success check and precise calculation are the major themes for organizations in this area. Sofon Guided Selling supports service companies in this area in an efficient manner.
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Sofon Guided Solutions: towards succes with error-free, suitable and prompt quotations

Generally speaking, preparing quotations is a labor-intensive and error-prone task. This is especially true for the provision of business services, because your customer’s wishes in this area can change practically from one day to the next. For that reason and in order to prepare quotations efficiently, you need a few experienced employees, or else well-structured and documented knowledge. This is hardly ever the case. As a result, the time required for issuing a quotation in response to customer requests is often much too long and agreements can be made that impact the profitability of the assignment. With Sofon Guided Solutions, you quickly prepare quotations that are profitable for you and meet your customer’s wishes. Not only does that minimizes the commercial risks, but also increases the chance that the customer will choose to work with you.

Financial Services

The success factors of organizations from the financial sector, whether they are insurance companies, banks, or other financial institutions, are flexibility, high-quality service, and fast acting. Competition in markets in the financial sector is fierce, products are often the same and interchangeable to the customer. That is why the introduction time for financial products (time-to-market) is the key to success.
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Respond quickly and invest sustainably with Sofon Guided Solutions

According to an issue of Market Research from 2012, organizations in the financial services sector need software that is flexible and easy to modify. Moreover, the sustainability and the investment security of software solutions are absolute criteria. With Sofon, you are given exactely the flexibility and the adaptability that you need for your customers. Moreover, an investment in Sofon is sustainable, because you can modify the software yourself and you also receive an update each year.

More certainty for you and your customers

If you are employed in the financial services industry, expensive misunderstandings such as errors in contracts and failing to comply with legal provisions have to be avoided as much as possible. This is precisely where the risk lies that is ultimately always at your expense: you sell your customers a service with a predetermined duration and your calculation is automatically based on the current data and prognoses for future developments. This soon leads to the result that, with your calculation, either you are unable to compete or that it is not profitable. Using Sofon, you can simulate every conceivable scenario, such as premium changes. This can be, for example, simulating the internal calculation at your location, but also at the customer’s location when you wish to play out various scenarios in your customer’s presence. This way at least you will know when you have succeeded. Your (potential) customers expect both a quick response time and a correct quotation for your products. With Sofon Guided Contracts, you guarantee that your customers always have error-free contracts and product documents.