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More certainty for you and your customers

New customers are important, but keeping your best customers is even more important. In general, acquiring new customers is five times as expensive as keeping them, but how do you ensure that a customer stays with you? By understanding them and their situation! Nothing is worse than a customer that has the impression that the performance that they receive from you does not (or no longer) meet their needs. It is very likely that your customer will no longer stay with you. Your customer’s situation changes constantly, but are you able to offer your customer a change that they find satisfactory and that benefits you? With Sofon, you increase your customer’s level of satisfaction by creating financial and insurance products that are geared towards the needs of your regular customers.

Calculate complex products and services more precisely

Regardless of whether you sell products or services, Sofon supports you in calculating complex cost and price structures. With Sofon you have a helpful tool for your own Sales employees. When you use Sofon as a guide during a sales meeting, your Sales department will be sure to make use of every Cross-Selling and Up-Selling opportunity.