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You manufacture excellent products. But is that enough? If you want to maintain a lead position it is essential to ensure your products effectively meet customer requirements – supply exactly what your customer wants. First and foremost, this places heavy demands on the collaboration between the sales, engineering and production departments.  In addition, you face the challenge of delivering custom products using a standard approach.  After all, you want to be able to offer predictable quality at affordable prices.

Optimal collaboration

How to seamlessly coordinate customer requirements, sales knowledge, engineering possibilities and production limitations – is the challenge you are facing if you want to supply customer-specific solutions. Sofon enables your sales representatives and dealers to offer the right products at the right price without having to have all the detailed knowledge themselves. The products they offer will also meet the feasibility requirements of the engineering and production departments.

Respond quickly and correctly

For many companies producing custom quotations is a time-consuming task that has to be carried out primarily by specialists. Furthermore, issuing several versions of quotations increases the risk of errors being made. With Sofon you can coordinate the requirements of your customers and your product options more effectively, you will always be able to respond more quickly than your competitors and every quotation will remain error free. This increases your chances of success and your margins too.

Timely and consistent follow-up

As producing quotations takes up so much time, the task of following them up is often neglected. Sofon not only frees up time, it also gives you an overview of current quotations and reminds you to follow them up.

Calculation, configuration, visualization and document generation

The way in which quotations are realized and their content differ greatly from one production company to another. For one company, a competitively calculated price is the determing factor, while another focusses on a well-documented quotation document complete with illustrations and options. Calculation, configuration, visualization in 3D and the production of complete documents – including manuals – are tasks that are supported by Sofon.