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Monday, 10 January 2011 07:40
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“Price adjustments are very smooth with Sofon”

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evanwijkRates and clear customer-specific agreements are crucial for E. van Wijk Logistics. The international provider of logistic services also required an effective use of their salesforce. Sofon was implemented in order to fulfill these requirements. Marion Kant (Sales Office) and Kees op ’t Hof (System Management) explain the changes that Sofon had brought about.

What does E. van Wijk Logistics do?

people evanwijkOp ’t Hof explains: “E. van Wijk Logistics is an international logistics service company with branches in the Netherlands, Romania, Moldavia and Ukraine. We have a suitable answer for every transport issue using the 285 trucks we have available. E. van Wijk is also a trustworthy partner for warehousing and other additional services. We stick to our agreements. That’s very important to us.”

What was the situation like before Sofon was used?

Kant explains: “We worked with various systems simultaneously that had no longer met our needs. We could only save information in a limited way and we could not produce reports. Our quotations and calculations were produced manually in Excel. This was time-consuming and prone to errors; it was for example easy to forget a change in rates. This is why we wanted to simplify the way the rates were put together. We also wanted more insight into customer-specific rates and outstanding quotations.”

What does E. van Wijk use Sofon for?

Kant continues: “We make use of the Sofon Sales Organizer (CRM package) and the Sofon Proposal Organizer (quotation generator). We use Sofon to produce quotations, including the accompanying calculations. Our price agreements with our various customers are now clearly defined. Sofon also greatly simplified our price adjustments.”

How are prices put together in Sofon?

Op ’t Hof continues: “We don’t sell a product but a service. This is why cost and sales prices can be quite difficult to define. For pricing we use a kind of price matrix per customer in Sofon, including loading and delivery locations, any customer-specific surcharges, the units in which is transported….” Kant takes over: “The ratio of volume to weight is important to us. A truck can load 38 euro pallets, but it is not permitted to transport more than 25 tons internationally. This is taken care of in the matrix and Sofon keeps us extra alert to this.”

What else has been achieved?

Kant explains: “Our quotations are uniform and have more of a recognizable image. We have also achieved time savings. We find that rate changes are very smooth. If a price increase of 3% has taken place, we would previously have to put the price up in Excel in every cell by hand. This is now automatic. An alternative quotation can now be quickly produced and we have a clear history of the quotations we have issued to date. Previously, it could be difficult to find the most current quotations.” Op ’t Hof continues: “Apart from that, we have various reports at our fingertips. We have insight into the (number of) visits a sales rep makes, the number of visit reports, issued and outstanding quotations and scored orders. In this way, we can measure the effectiveness of our sales reps far better and our sales reps can more simply follow-up outstanding quotations.”


  • Better insight into rates and customer-specific agreements
  • Rates and price changes much easier to implement
  • Effectivity of salesforce can be assessed better using reports
  • Quotations no longer made manually
  • Alternative quotations can be generated quickly
  • Outstanding quotations easier to follow-up
  • Clear quotation history

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