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Tuesday, 31 January 2012 09:45
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“Our years of parking knowledge and parking solutions are stored and defined in Sofon”

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schmitSchmit specializes in parking solutions. Think of solutions in the areas of exit payment parking (e.g. car parks), pay-and-display parking (street parking) and entry controlled systems. These systems are constructed modularly and consist of high quality hardware and software components. The components are produced by internationally renowned companies from Germany, Sweden, Belgium and the Netherlands. In the past 25 years, Schmit has taken on hundreds of projects in parking-related areas. For example, Schmit provided the City of Amsterdam with solutions for pay-and-display parking.

How does Schmit use Sofon?

schmit people“We use Sofon to produce quotations. I started by storing the knowledge of one of our solutions in Sofon: exit payment parking. The other solutions – pay-and-display parking and entry controlled systems – all have overlaps with exit payment parking. We decided to make one model. So if a change has effect on all three solutions, the change will only have to be made once. That works very efficiently.”

What was the situation like before Sofon?

“Before we started using Sofon, we would copy a lot of text from existing quotations to produce a new quotation. So you needed to know exactly what had changed in the meantime in the areas of specifications, texts and illustrations…. Calculations were produced using Excel sheets. Changes or additions to products were however not E kept up in Excel. That caused problems in the calculation, quoting and order process. I – as Coordinator Logistics – would then see errors that I would need to correct in order to buy a full installation from the supplier. There was a danger that the installation would be offered too cheaply. Or that the cost price was estimated too high, making us lose the order.”

What is the situation like with Sofon?

“Now we work with Sofon, we know any quotation we send out will be complete, uniform, up-to-date and error-free. This is even more important if you are producing a quotation covering a whole project: from the solution itself to installation, service and maintenance. The advantage of Sofon is that we built the model ourselves and can maintain it easily ourselves as well. We also decided on the order of the questionnaire, so that we created a very logical way of operating. New staff can quickly start work with Sofon. Sofon leads them through the process, offers extra information if necessary and protects them from making errors: impossible combinations cannot be offered. We really have knowledge of parking solutions spanning years and we have defined the diversity of our parking products in Sofon. The integration with our ERP system has also been very profitable for us. We sometimes need to deal with 400 order lines per order. We are very pleased that we no longer have to enter these lines manually. That saves us time, money and prevents incorrect orders.”


  • Quotations are complete, uniform, up-to-date and error-free
  • Model was built by Schmit themselves and will be maintained by them
  • New staff can quickly start working with Sofon
  • Years of parking knowledge and diversity of parking products defined and stored in Sofon
  • Integration with ERP system prevents double entries and errors

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