The economic and financial crisis has now been going on for so long that we don’t want to hear about it anymore. You’ve taken all the necessary measures to get you through the dip, but have you taken full advantage of all of the savings opportunities? There’s a good chance that you are letting other opportunities in the area of sales pass you by.

Don’t save on customer contact

It’s never a good idea to make cuts in jobs that are directly related to customer contact. After all, your customers and prospects would feel the negative consequences of that immediately. It’s worth your while to take a look at the number of employees in the internal sales department.

Do save on sales overhead

Unless you make use of telephone sales, the internal sales department is largely a cost item. The internal sales team spends a large portion of its time on preparing quotation and processing orders. Getting a hold of all of the information that is required to do that requires frequent consultations with sales, engineering, manufacturing, and purchasing, and as a result a great deal of time is asked of these departments for making quotations and orders. By organizing this more efficiently, you can not only make the internal sales department more efficient, but also prevent other departments from losing time on providing information.

More quotations, more orders, lower sales overhead

Suppose that you could cut the time that your internal sales department spends on preparing quotations in half. How much time would that save you? We would be happy to explain to you how you can achieve this reduction. And at the same time your quotation and order quality can improve. Is that possible? Challenge us to prove it!