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Sofon's ambition is to achieve worldwide recognition and be acknowledged as a leading player in the field of services and software with respect to quote and contract management. To accomplish this mission, Sofon is always guided by certain core values. These are the quality criteria that Sofon products and services can be evaluated on.

Customer focus
At Sofon, the customer comes first. The development of our services and software modules are closely aligned with the wishes and needs of our customers. The customer is the most important discussion partner when we define our development agenda.

Integrity, honesty and reliability create the foundation of every relationship we build. We are always looking for a win-win situation with our customers. With the interests of both parties at heart.

Sofon wants to offer realiable solutions that are based on capturing knowledge in models. This information can be easily managed and modified using our software. This allows Sofon to incorporate the maximum amount of flexibility and reliability.

Quality conscious
Quality is essential for starting a lasting partnership with our customers. This means that we focus internally on adjusting our attitude, approach, culture and our work method. This manner of working constantly develops our employees’ skills and improves their performance. In practice, this leads to real changes in behavior.

Groundbreaking results
Sofon encourages itself and its customers to develop further and to optimally use opportunities. Sofon is convinced that only passion and conviction lead to innovative ideas. To do so, an organization must have a strong capacity to learn.

Personal success
Sofon wants to nurture a culture where people can develop and get the best out of themselves. This makes self-confidence a crucial factor. Self-confidence grows especially when you obtain personal success and experience it as such. Important conditions that Sofon provides are clear agreements about personal and business results.

In a collaboration the core values that really reflect their meaning are customer focus, dependability, quality consciousness, personal success and groundbreaking results. And this leads to the team result feeling like it is a personal success. The artistry here is to create an infrastructure where collaboration arises spontaneously.

Stating and communicating a mission is only useful when everyone is ready to be guided by it in their daily actions. Internally and externally. I believe we can only be successful  if we all go for it!

Paul Kimmel,