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Mission Statement

Our mission is to offer organizations and companies a helping hand. That is what Sofon aims for. As a supplier of sales support software, we think in terms of solutions rather than problems. Ultimately, our goal is to contribute to higher sales productivity, increased sales win rate and cost savings for our customers. Our customers’ success is our success!

Sofon achieves this using IT for quote and contract management, product configuration and calculation. The challenge that many organizations and companies are faced with is how to rapidly anticipate changing circumstances. And still maintain quality. Achieving this means increasing a competitive position because customers are always provided with the right solution. Sofon consultants make this possible using standard software developed by Sofon.

Quote and contract management

Organizations and companies have to increasingly adapt to the needs of their customers. This calls for specific products and services. Sofon focuses on optimizing and controlling the process of specifying, managing and achieving the customer's needs. This often goes hand-in-hand with increasing complexity to create tailor-made quotes and/or contracts meeting the specifications of the customer.

Customers expect delivered products and services to have a certain quality. However, this is not always obvious for organizations and businesses, because they must deal with ever-changing markets. Sofon offers a solution where knowledge about products and product processes is easily recorded, and can also be accessed – quickly and error-free – when the (potential) customer requests a proposal. This makes it possible to guarantee optimal coordination of the entire “purchase-production-delivery-installation-service” chain.


Sofon provides standard software that specifies all knowledge required about agreements between customers and their business in so called ‘models’. In addition to product information, information is also recorded about conditions that are important for delivery, installation, training and invoicing. The life cycle of quotes and contracts can also be managed. To build models, no programming knowledge is needed, solely knowledge of the relevant business.

Models are built in an evolutionary manner by the client’s model builders or, if desired, by Sofon consultants. This means that we start with a simple preliminary model that evolves using feedback from employees and is improved and developed into the finalized model. This method guarantees an understandable and usable solution. It is a solution that can be constantly enriched with new knowledge to increase in value.