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Thursday, 16 May 2019 09:45

Guided Selling step 2 - Product configuration

Paul Kimmel
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Guided Selling schemaAs you saw in our latest blogs, there are different challenges in the sales process. Each step leads to new questions. That’s why a sales rep should be guided through the sales process (Guided Selling). In this blog I would like to elaborate on the second step in the sales process: product configuration. How does a good product configurator guide your sales reps (or dealers) through the sales process?

Guided Selling schemaThe sales process consists of several steps: from needs analysis to closing the deal. In this blog I will discuss these steps and the various questions that sales reps face in each phase. In the next blogs I will provide you with the answers, enabling you to make your sales process better, faster and easier.

targetsA new year has begun. All of the meters are reset. Your revenue target has been determined. Are you willing to take on a significantly higher target than for 2018? Using Guided Selling software will make this less tense.

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Not long ago, a manager at a medium-sized manufacturing company asked me the following: “Say, Mr Moran, why is that software of yours so expensive? All you do is copy it onto a disc for me, surely that costs next to nothing, doesn’t it?” Well actually, it takes considerable investment to develop, maintain, and manage software. Many books have been written about it.

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CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) is a term often used to denote the sales quote generation process at companies offering a complex range of products and/or services. Other terms that are used in this same context are ‘Quote to Cash’ (QTC) and ‘sales configurator.’