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Sofon Management Team

We are located in Eindhoven (NL) and Oberhausen (GER)

The Sofon management team

Jacco van Eerde
Jacco van Eerde
Managing Director

Jacco is active in the position of Managing Director. Jacco is responsible to build a commercialization infrastructure and organization to drive market adoption of the company’s solutions and is responsible for revenue growth within the group’s organization. 

Jacco is an experienced Senior Commercial Director-/ CEO with a demonstrated history of working in the Oil & Energy Industry on various C Level positions. Skilled in Negotiations, Operations & Management, and International Business. Strong business development professional with a "Beng" focused in Oil & Gas from Hogeschool van Amsterdam and a “BBA” in Technical Business Administration from INHolland.

Andre is Chief Financial Officer (CFO). As the person ultimately responsible for Finance he is part of Sofon's management team where he ensures the financial performance of the Holding and subsidiaries. After studying SPD at Marcus Verbeek Hogeschool, he gained more than 30 years of experience within Finance in various positions at international companies in the following branches: Transport and Logistics (among others with HOYER Global Transport and Maersk Group); Energy (Dresser-Rand, now Siemens) and Wholesale (Mexx).  

Andre Vonk
Andre Vonk
Paul Kimmel
Paul Kimmel

Paul founded Sofon in 1998. Prior to Sofon Paul held software development and development management roles at VOLMAC (now Sogeti), BSO (now AtosOrigin) and Data Sciences (now IBM). During this period Paul was responsible for some of Europe’s most sophisticated sales configuration development projects at companies such as Philips and Stork. Paul holds a master of Science degree in electronics from the Technical University in Eindhoven.

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