Opportunities, calculations, prices, conditions, quotations and contracts under control

Dealer Management

If you work with dealers or agents, then you know from experience that this has both advantages and disadvantages. Communicating the wealth of knowledge required to sell your products or services is a considerable challenge when working with dealers and agents. The fact that your partners sometimes work some distance away from your location also makes it difficult for you to find out whether they are saying the right things about your products or services. Sofon Guided Selling offers a number of tools that you can use to make your indirect channel more effective and provide it with better support.

Dealers and agents produce their own quotations

Virtually all Sofon Guided Selling functions operate both offline and via the internet. This means you can give your dealers and agents access (to the extent that you wish) to resources they require to produce quotations for your products and services quickly, easily and with little product knowledge. With Sofon you can be sure that your dealers and agents will not offer anything that you cannot (or can no longer) supply. In addition, Sofon can reduce your workload in having to manage these channels, because dealers and agents can effortlessly produce their own quotations. This will save your sales office and dealer management a great deal of time.

Quotations in different languages

The fact that Sofon is available in many different languages – and that quotations can be drawn up in every conceivable language – means that your international dealers will be able to use Sofon simply, as well. You can also generate the same quotation in a language other than the one in which the quotation was originally produced, which ensures that you will also be able to understand what has been offered or sold.

Budget and monitor dealer sales

In addition, Sofon also offers you the ability to budget and to monitor dealer sales, as well as to keep up to date on your dealers’ current sales opportunities. With Sofon, you can manage dealers much more easily, and set priorities in response to new developments.