Sofon Approval Portal

Sofon Approval Portal

Many organizations need to have quotations and orders approved by a supervising management if they are confronted with exceptions. Sofon Proposal Organizer natively offers extensive approval support as a standard feature. For organizations that have a more complex authorization processes for quotations and orders, Sofon Approval Portal offers even more approval functionality.

Sofon Proposal Organizer – less complex authorization

Sofon Proposal Organizer offers different possibilities for a less complex authorization process:

  • Single authorization: one person is responsible for authorizing quotations that are generated outside of the predefined rules. Sofon Proposal Organizer can generate an automatic e-mail to the evaluator, who can then review the quotation for their approval.
  • Technical and commercial authorization: the draft quotation is submitted for technical authorization. When technical authorization has been given, commercial authorization may be requested from the person responsible for this.

Authorization rights can be allocated by using roles. Quotations that comply with all the rules
need no authorization. For exceptions – for instance
when the total sum of the quotation is exceeded, in the case of a discount or when offering
certain products – authorization is required.

Sofon Approval Portal – complex authorization

For complex authorization, the appropriate solution is Sofon Approval Portal. Sofon
Approval Portal offers a series of extra functions that keep the authorization process under control in more complex situations and automatically inform everyone involved via e-mail. The Sofon Approval Portal functions are:

  • Authorization requests kept under control automatically in terms of time, including reminders
  • Inform and remind evaluators automatically by e-mail
  • Hierarchy in case of multiple authorization per quotation or order
  • Authorization of the same quotation by more than one person
  • Automatic replacement authorization in case of absence
  • Authorization via internet without logging on to Sofon Proposal Organizer
  • Offline processing of authorization received by e-mail in Proposal Organizer