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Professional Services

Selection criteria for professional service providers

What are the most important selection criteria customers use when choosing a provider of professional services?  What are the key criteria employed by potential customers when comparing you with your competitors? One thing is certain: the extent to which your prospects feel your proposal is geared towards their needs is likely to be a decisive factor. How can you ensure this is the case? Naturally, by supplying the right services. However, you will only get the chance to do this if you get their business. And, for this to be the case, the quality of your sales representatives and the quality of your quotation are essential.

Optimal support

Sofon Guided Selling provides you with the resources to ensure that your sales representatives perform optimally and draw up the right quotations quickly. No time is wasted on modifying Word documents; instead this time can be spent actually making contact with customers.

How simply can a good quotation be drawn up?

What is a good quotation? Firstly, one that arrives punctually. Secondly, one that deals with the requirements that your prospect has made clear to you. And, finally, one that underlines the professionalism of your organization.

Your experience will be that this is easier said than done. Many of your fellow providers settle for a standard quotation document that is adapted for each customer, possibly supported with a spreadsheet model for calculating the key prices. In practice, it is often the case that old quotations are copied and the customer's name is inserted using search and replace functions, with all the inevitable consequences: the wrong customer name still appearing here and there, outdated prices, products being offered which your prospect has not requested and an offer in which your delivery options, rather than your customer, are central.

Perfect quotations and contracts, sales process under control

Sofon Guided Selling enables your sales representatives to draw up the right quotations and contracts quickly and without errors. With only limited knowledge or internal training, it is possible to generate complete quotations and contracts that are actually geared towards the requirements of your customer, on the basis of up-to-date information and the right prices and conditions – without losing time searching for the correct information or having to create the layout of the document manually. And all this within a fraction of the time it used to take.

Furthermore, Sofon supplies software to support the entire sales process, including campaign management, contact management and opportunity management. With Sofon the sales process, and the quotation and contract process, are completely under control.